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Raymarine Quantum™ Wireless Chirp Radar


Raymarine Quantum Radar, by Flir, is the next generation of marine radar featuring Chirp pulse compression technology.


Setting a new standard for compact solid state radar, Quantum delivers superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges. Integrated Wi-Fi and thin cabling simplifies installation plus Quantum’s energy efficient and lightweight design provides safe radiated emissions and substantially reduced power consumption.


Superior Radar Imaging


Flir’s exclusive Atx™ advanced target separation technology displays targets like boats, landmarks, rocks, buoys, and weather cells with unsurpassed resolution and separation quality


Chirp Pulse Compression


Excellent short-range detection and enhanced target detail with 18’ (6m) minimum range


Chirp Pulse compression ensures more energy reaches each target, resulting in superior imaging on long ranges


Small Target Detection


Quantum’s Chirp Pulse Compression technology identifies small, weak targets, even when positioned close to strong returns.


Quantum detects the small kayak very close to the waterfront bulkhead


Simplified Installation


Simple Wi-Fi connection between Quantum and any Raymarine LightHouse Ii powered Mfd


Quantum’s small diameter power cable is easy to route through tight spaces

Easy to upgrade – Quantum uses the same bolt pattern as previous generation radars. Optional Quantum adapter cable eliminate the need to run new radar cables


Energy Efficient and Lightweight Design


Weighs 50% less than traditional magnetron radars

Safe Emissions thanks to Quantum’s low power solid state radar transmitter

Very low power consumption (17 Watts transmit and 7 watts standby)

Extended vessel battery life when under sail


General Specifications


Input Voltage 12 or 24 Vdc (Min: 10.8V, Max: 31.2 V)

Networking Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet (RayNet)

Antenna Type Patch Array

Power Consumption Transmit mode 17W; standby mode 7W; sleep mode 2W

Range Scales From 1/16 to 24 nautical miles

Transmit Frequency 9354 to 9446 MHz

Peak Power Output 20W

Duplexer Circulator

Pulse Widths (3 dB) 40 ns to 14.7 µs

Chirp Lengths 400 ns to 20 µs

Chirp Bandwidth Up to 32 MHz

If Bandwidth 26 MHz

Noise Less than 4 dB

Max. Range Scale from 1/16 to 24 nautical miles

Beamwidth (nominal) 4.9º horizontal and 20º vertical

Polarisation Horizontal

Waterproofing IPX6

Weight 5.6 kg (12.3 lb)